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Shipping a Car from US to Caribbean Islands

Bahamas - Caribbean Island

We offer a reliable and competitive price plus 100% satisface customer services from origin point of the vehicle to the Bahamas Virgin Islands. Our sailings are fixed day of the week service.

We offer you the best car shipping service to the Bahamas Virgin Islands.

We provide:

Weekly sailings and competitive transit times and best price on the market.

We can pickup your vehicle from the front of your house on a licensed and insured motor carrier. Your vehicle will be transported on a carrier to the port and unloaded ready to get in on the boat.
We ship to:

- Clifton Point
- Freeport
- Marsh Harbor
- Nassau

About Shipping to Bahamas

If you are interested in shipping a car to Bahamas on the Caribbean you are in the right page with the best company.

keep in maind that the U.S. Customs in the Bahamas does charge a fee based on the value of the car. This is the value of the Duty:
- $10,000 or less: 45%
- from $10,000 to $20,000: 50%
- over $20,000: 60%

A additional 7.5% of tax on imported vehicles. You would pay the applicable fee directly to U.S. Customs. The information provided here regarding Virgin Islands local regulation and fees is for information purposes only, we can not guaranteed and is subject to your verification and change without any notice. Please contact U.S. Customs to be sure.

You will need to have:

- Title and Registration
- Purchase Invoice
- Import Permit

Ours sales advisors are ready to help you shipping your car from USA to Bahamas, including customs clearance.

You need to have your car insurance up to date, Bahamas law requires valid car insurance before importation

At the moment that your car arrives in the Bahamas, it must be inspected by RTD (Road Traffic Department).

The apropiate customs fees have to be pay depending on your vehicle's specifications.


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Custom clearance

You will require to work with an overseas local agent at your destination. Him will be responsible for unloading your vehicle in the port, clearing local import customs, and may him can help with registration and delivery to your door. You can going with your own local import agent, or we can provide one in any of the destinations where you vehicle will be delivery.

How much cost to ship my car to Bahamas?

The price shipping your vehicle to Bahamas Island will be determined by some factors likes: where you are shipping your vehicle from, the years of you car, the model and other specifications. In any case, we are here to help you and answer any question that you may have, just you need to call us at (888) 363 2810 and one of our sales advisor will be happy to help you.

More Shipping

If you need additional information for vehicle shipping overseas to any Caribbean Islands or any other destination, we will be more than happy that get your call.
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